Al-Shabaab attack in Berdale District, which the Ministry of Defense spoke about.


The Ministry of Defense of Somalia said that the forces of the country with the support of the local people have succeeded in resisting an attack by Al-Shabaab on Bardale district in the Bay region.

A brief statement from the Ministry of Defense said that the leader of the group and other Al-Shabaab militants were killed in the resistance.

“Last night, the Armed Forces, with the support of the local people, managed to resist an attack by the Khawarij militia in the Berdale district of the Bay region,” said the Ministry of Defense on Saturday.

For their part, the Al Shabaab group confirmed the attack they carried out in the city, and said they forced the Somali government forces to flee from their base.

This attack came as the Al-Shabaab group launched a heavy attack this morning in Awdheegle district in the Lower Shabelle region, and they said that they have completely taken control of that district.

In a statement issued by al-Shabaab, they said that they killed 59 soldiers in the attack they carried out in Awdheegle district, but their claim is not known for sure.