What is going on with the agreement in MAHAS ? Leader Ali Jeyte Osman spoke about it


The leader of the Hiran State administration, Ali Jeyte Osman, gave more details about the agreement reached by Besha Hawadle and President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.

Ali Jeyte Osman said that the president of the federal government and the various sections of the Hawadale community discussed only two issues, which was to stop the war against Al-Shabaab and to postpone any concerns.

“The president asked us to put all our concerns aside and first of all to get rid of the enemies of the country and I agreed to that, because in a peaceful country and a peaceful place everything can be resolved when all the concerns are not given up in the current situation. because of that it was delayed,” said Ali Jeyte Osman.

The leader of the Hiran State administration also called on the general Somali people to unite in the fight against Al-Shabaab in the country.

He pointed out to Ali Jeyte that Al-Shabaab can be defeated, citing the example of the 1977 war between Somalia and Ethiopia.

“Al Sheidan can be defeated and you know that Somalia is smaller today in terms of army and population, Ethiopia won the war in 1977, so now that we are more in terms of population and army, why don’t we oppose the religion?” Let’s get rid of those who are lying, this war is needed for all Somalis and not for some people,” said Ali Jeyte.

Finally, Ali Jeyte called on the people of Hiraan to once again take their role in the fight against Al-Shabaab and praised the Somali people as a whole, as the people of Hiraan were the leaders of the war that is going on across the country to eradicate it. Al-Shabaab group.