Prime Minister Hamze Abdi Barre made a speech at the United Nations General Assembly.


The Prime Minister of the federal government of Somalia, Hamsa Abdi Barre attended the 78th session of the UN General Assembly in New York.

The Prime Minister, who gave a speech at the meeting, reported on the efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in Somalia and how the government is committed to bringing security, stability and prosperity to the country.

The prime minister said that the Somali government has aligned its national development plan (NDP9) with the UN’s sustainable development goals, and he specifically noted that since 2017, the poverty rate has been reduced to 15%.

The prime minister also said that the rate of childbirth among women has been reduced by 43%, while the literacy rate among women aged 15-24 has increased to 12.4%.

Prime Minister Hamsa while talking about the measures planned by the government, he mentioned plans to develop the power of the people, such as investing in the quality of education, spreading education opportunities in the country, reducing literacy and illiteracy and creating vocational schools. .

Hamsa added that the government is giving special priority to promoting a process to boost the country’s agricultural production, using modern techniques that contribute to water conservation and irrigation, to protect Somalia from the effects of climate change.