The African Union Security Council has expressed concern that Al-Shabaab will benefit from the reduction of Atmis forces.


The Peace and Security Council of the African Union has expressed strong concern over the latest attacks by Al-Shabaab in Somalia, which have caused many deaths and injuries.

A press release from the Peace and Security Council of the African Union underlined that al-Shabaab remains the biggest threat to the peace and security of Somalia.

“The Peace and Security Council is deeply concerned about the latest attacks by Al-Shabaab, which have caused several deaths and the destruction of important facilities and economic infrastructure, which underlines the fact that Al-Shabaab remains a serious threat to peace. and the stability of Somalia.

The Council expressed concern that Al-Shabaab could take advantage of any loopholes during or after the reduction of 3000 ATMIS peacekeeping troops, if the reduction process is not managed in a balanced manner.

The African Union reiterated the importance of strengthening the achievements of peace and security in Somalia.

He said that they are committed to expel 3000 soldiers from the country, in order to implement the security council resolution that states the reduction of ATMIS peacekeeping mission in Somalia.

He praised the federal government for its continued commitment to ownership and full leadership of the stabilization and reconciliation operations in the liberated areas.