The Galmudug administration accused Al-Shabaab of abducting the residents of the captured areas.


The Galmudug regional government said that the Al-Shabaab group kidnapped the civilians who lived in the recently liberated areas of Galgaduud region.

Galmudug State Minister of Health, Dahir Farah Fidow, who spoke to the government media, unfortunately pointed out that for more than 7 months, the areas that have been cleared of Al-Shabaab have been under siege.

The Minister of State said that al-Shabaab had already taken the civilians to protect them from the bombing attacks.

He gave the example of the area where the minister of defense and other leaders are located. He said it was deserted and the people who were there had already taken it to Alshabaab.

He called on the people to return to their homes and stay away from Al-Shabab areas, so that they will not be harmed by targeted attacks.