Politicians from the South West State issued a statement at a conference held in Nairobi.


A meeting was held today in Nairobi, Kenya, where some of the politicians from the South West administration held a meeting there for the past two days.

These politicians have issued a report in their meeting that contains several points, some of which have strongly criticized the South West administration.

The most important points of the press conference of South West politicians include that the South West administration has been criticized for not implementing the agreement of February 4 this year in Baidoa and accelerating the war against Al-Shabaab.

The statement also included that the federal government has been called on to speed up operations to free Al-Shabaab from the South West areas, and organize the local people as they have done in other areas.

The politicians from the South West also criticized the South West administration for trampling on the observance of constitutional provisions, the first of which is the freedom of movement and speech, and they called on the Federal Government to do something about the problems in the South West.

Read the detailed press release below:-