Somalia’s Coal Export Decision by the United Nations Security Council.


The United Nations Security Council held a special meeting on the pending resolution on Somalia’s coal, which the United Nations has already imposed various sanctions on.

The United Nations Security Council issued a new resolution on coal in Somalia, after the Federal Government of Somalia sent a request to the Council on the 14th of this month.

The session of the Council underlined that in Somalia there is still a security risk based on the export of Coal, and it is necessary for the Federal Government to destroy the Coal reserves, as stated in the new resolution.

In this new resolution numbered 2696 (2023), the 15 countries that are members of the United Nations Security Council have supported the Somali government to take comprehensive action to remove the stored coal.

The United Nations Security Council’s decision to export coal from Somalia coincides with the export of coal from Somalia. making a lot of money from Coal exports.