Member of Parliament A/salam Dhabbancad who gave details about the bomb attack.


More details are emerging from a vehicle loaded with explosives that Al-Shabaab attacked government forces and officials in Las-Gacamey area of ​​Mudug region this morning.

The explosion, which was strong, was widely heard in the village of Las-Gacamey, between the areas of Wisil and Badaweyne in the region of Mudug, targeting a place where the president of Galmudug, military officers, and members of the Somali parliament were present.

The attack resulted in casualties including deaths and injuries, according to VOA’s reliable sources.

The commander of the Galmudug Dervish army, General Mohamed Nur Ali Gadaar, confirmed to VOA the death of soldiers from the Galmudug presidency and the injuries of other soldiers.

Commander Gadaar also said that the president of Galmudug, deputy Abdi Qaybdid, deputy Dhabancad and the officials who were in Las Gacamay area are safe, but there are injuries due to the destruction of the explosion.

Senator Abdi-Qaybdied was only injured by a rock that fell from his house while he was sleeping. MP Dhabancad also suffered a minor injury to his hand, which was caused by the house collapsing and the rubble of the house they were lying on.

MP Dhabancad, who spoke to VOA after the explosion, said that the explosive car was attacked in a place where they were sleeping last night, and that no group entered the place where they were staying, but only the explosive car.

“They did something to me. We came out. They have no strength. These men (Al-Shabaab) have a car bomb. When it exploded, the houses collapsed,” said Dhabancad MP.

“The house that collapsed due to the explosion did not deliver anything to the people. There was nothing else that came to us or there was a fight, those houses were destroyed.”

The troops in Las-Gacamey area, which were liberated from the Al-Shabaab group a day ago, are preparing to liberate the important town of Badaweyn today.

NISA commander Mahad Salad who went to the area where the explosion took place in Las-Gacamey yesterday afternoon went to Xin-labi area which was freed from Al-Shabaab fighters a day ago.

The situation of the next opening in Badaweyn was very tense this morning, and we were told that the army tried to prevent the explosion, but it hit a sensitive area where the leaders were close.

However, this attack has already been reported by the Al-Shabaab militia, which is fighting against them in the regions of the country, in which the group has been captured from areas and districts they have ruled for many years.