The Puntland state government accused President Hassan Sheikh of disbanding the army brought from Eritrea.


Puntland Minister of Information, Eng. Mohamud Aydid Dirir said that the federal government of Somalia does not have a strategy in the war against the Al-Shabaab group.

The minister of information said that the federal government has destroyed the troops trained in Eritrea, which he said were enough to destroy al-Shabaab.

“You can see a large number of trained troops, mostly young people, who have been trained in any situation and weather, and five thousand have been brought from Eritrea. Those five thousand will defeat Al-Shabaab, if they are managed well,” said the minister.

The minister said that the federal government has neglected its army, saying that every day Al-Shabaab is killing them in a deserted place.

He said President Hassan Sheikh and his government are responsible for the lack of strategy against the government forces.

Eng. Aideed. He also said that the federal government has not shared Al Shabaab information with Puntland. He said that Puntland is in danger of Al-Shabaab fleeing the operations in the central regions to hide in their areas.

He said that they know of officers who have escaped and their whereabouts are unknown.