The Somali regional government of Ethiopia has spoken about an attack that they said was carried out by a shellabo and people were killed.


The head of security in the Somali region, Dayib Ahmed Noor, speaking to the media, spoke about an attack by armed gunmen in the Somali region, who are said to have crossed from the Somali side.

The leadership first noted that the government is sorry for the attack, “We are sorry that the army from our neighboring areas in Somalia entered the Somali area, especially in Korahay region, Shilabo district, where they caused problems. civilian residents and army camps,” said the Somali regional government’s security leadership.

The leader also said that most of the people facing such problems are people who have been given weapons by the Somali government to fight against al-Shabaab, but these people enter the Somali area and kill civilians, as Dayib Ahmed Noor leader said. Security in the Somali region.

“This type of incident will not be tolerated. The government of Ethiopia and the government of the Somali region are responsible for ensuring the security of their people. Anyone who wants to cause trouble in the Somali region, the security agencies must take action.” said the Leader.

Finally, the official sent a request to the neighboring Somali communities in the Somali region, asking them to play their part in finding a solution to these people crossing the border who are causing problems in the Somali region, noting that they will not be tolerated. that people who cross the border cause different problems in the Somali region.

The statement of the security leadership comes at a time when last night gunmen, who are still identified from the Somali side, attacked the village of Shilabo district in the Koraxay region of the Somali region, where the gunmen killed 12 civilians and militiamen. who was in the army camp located in Qudhac shire in Shilabo district.