Somali American Prime Minister Farmajo & TFG President Sharif Welcome Obama’s Dream Towards Osama Bin Laden


    Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmajo Somali American Prime Minister And TFG President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed Welcomed News From The Black American President Brack Obama Towards Al Qaeda Leader Shiikh Osama Bin laden

    Sharif And Farmajo Deebly Admired The Claim Of Brack Obama Related To The Death Of Al Qaeda Network Prince After They Encountered With Somali Security Commitee

    ” Osama was The Master Mind of many Explosions In Somalia Such As Beledweine, Shamo And Muno Hotels Explosions Said TFG Presidenta”


    Above All The Day Dream Of Brack Obama And His Legal Friends Is Not What can Be Persuaded To Pure Muslims And Now There Is No officially Confirmation Of The Muslim Enemy’s Speech



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