The administration of SSC-Khatumo has sent a warning to the parties fighting in the Puntland elections.


The administration of SSC-Khatumo spoke for the first time about the political conflict in the election issues in Puntland.

The president of SSC-Khatimo, Abdiqadir Ahmed aw-Ali Firdhiye, called on the parties fighting in the election to find a solution to the political dispute between them.

President Firdhiye has warned the warring parties that the situation has reached a point of no return, saying that they are keeping an eye on what is going on in Garowe.

“I hope that the councilors there, who have something to say, and we are one of them, will be filled and will not be added,” said the president of SSC-Khatumo.

The statement of the president of SSC-Khatumo has come, amid fears that the political conflict between President Deni and the opposition will turn into violence.

The opposition accused President Deni of being busy collecting weapons and recruiting troops, while the opposition is accused of gathering militia in Garowe.

President Deni has less than two months left in his term, but he insists that he will hold an election of people and votes, in which the president and the members of the parliament will be elected at the same time.

The opposition has promised that if they reach the first of December, they will work on selecting the 66 members of the parliament.