El-Lahelay area of ​​Galgudud region where Al-Shabaab attacked with artillery.


Members of the Al-Shabaab group launched an artillery attack last night in El Lahelay area, one of the areas under Dhusamareb district in the capital of Galmudug administration.

The group fired a number of mortars at the positions of the government forces and those of local residents in El Lahelay area, but no casualties were reported from the mortars.

Officers of the allied forces in El Lahelay said that the shells fell in an open area, and no one was hurt.

El Lahelay area where Al-Shabaab attacked with mortars last night is one that was recently taken over by the government forces and local residents from the Al-Shabaab group that ruled the area for a long time.

However, this mortar attack carried out by the group in El Lahelay coincides with the President of Galmudug Ahmed Abdi Kariye Qorqor visiting the area yesterday, the Minister of Defense of Somalia Abduqadir Mohamed Noor and the Commander of the National Security and Intelligence Agency Mahad Mohamed Salad, and they returned last night. the city of Dhusamareb.