Alshabaab attucked for UN building in mogadisho capitol of somalia.


Alshabaab were attacked to UN agency UNDP in mogadisho,it was heavy attack and contains explossion car bump and five melitiament armed with small arms.

The alshabaab were claimed that attack and spokes man of alshabaab sheikh ali dhere was told media suported with alshabaab that they were killed more than 20 persons and he said mostly were officials of UN servent,the sheikh ali dhere was told to media that they will continue like this attucks and they thanks to their allah.

The building was broken and desustered and UNDP will work in the hallane area,and latest news from UN says there are a lot of servent were died and some others injured.

Alshabaab are againest of somali government,african troops,agencies of UN westrain countries and all suporters with them,and this attuck would be message from their abellity and they want to declare that they are allive still,so this is new political war wich is begining for necolos key new representetive of general secretery bank moon.

Nicols key and the prime minester of somalia were held press and they condenmed that terroristy actions,nicols key said we would continue our duty and this is not stop our work and suport of somali government.

This attuck is coming for nowdays the people feeling fear from the securety agencies were cheked all destrigts of banadir region,how to prevent alshabaab missions and some inteletuel peable told us there is in somalia unknowllege social security.