Kenyan police to remain steadfast against terrorism.


    Kenyan police have increased security after recent terrorist threats and are ready to counter any attempted attacks, police officials say.

    Deputy police spokesman Charles Owino encouraged Kenyans not to be shaken by threats and to remain vigilant against al-Shabaab.

    “Their objective is to discourage us and make Kenyans feel miserable,” he said, Kenya’s Capital FM reported Saturday (July 21st). “They attacked us in 1998 and we had not gone to Somalia. They attacked us in Mombasa and still, we had not gone to Somalia, so attacking us because we have gone to provide peace in Somalia is just an excuse.”

    “Despite a few cases where we have been hit and people have lost their lives, Kenyans have remained patriotic and continue to support the government in a bid to ensure this problem is resolved once and for all,” Owino said.

    On Wednesday, at least four people were wounded when two grenades exploded at a barbershop in Wajir. Officials blamed al-Shabaab for the attack.

    Nariobi provincial police chief Anthony Kibuchi said on Friday that al-Shabaab may be planning attacks during Ramadan.

    “Let us all remain extra vigilant and whoever sights any suspicious character, strange vehicle with strange people or anything suspicious, report to the nearest security personnel without delay,” Kibuchi said, according to Kenya’s The Star.