Foreign vessels are increasingly looting fish from Somalia waters.


Monday 5 june(Warsom),The commissioner of Bandar beyla district in Somalia’s northeastern region of
Puntland has echoed that foreign vessels are increasingly coming into Somalia waters and continue looting the fish as they also dump toxic wastes into the seas, Warsom reports.

“In the night we can see huge number of lights which are foreign fishing vessels operating in our coast.” Eng. Sa’id Adam Ali told local media on Monday. “They use very sophisticated underwater lighting systems to lure the fish”.

The commissioner of Bandar beyla district made clear that foreign fishing vessels operate with drift nets to steal large number of the seafood.

“Even those who claim of counter piracy forces are looting our seafood.” the commissioner added.

Eng Adam blamed the NATO and EU’s anti piracy forces in the Somali coast are closely watching the ongoing poaching in the Somali seas.

Locals in Bandar Beyla and Hafun, two main coastal districts in Bari region told RBC Radio this week the most foreign vessels who loot the seafood from their coast were from European countries and
some from Asian countries.

“These foreign thieves are operating under the shelter of anti piracy mission, because the EU and NATO sent their forces here to assist the illegal fishing. nothing else they do.” Ahmed Hassan, a local fisherman in Bandar Beyla told Warsom Media.

Many Somali scholars and UN’s former envoy to Somalia stated that more than million dollars of illegal fishing are taken away from Somalia every year due to lack of effective government in the country for more than two decades causing rampant piracy in Somalia coast.

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