Al Shebab welcomes death of ‘evil minister’ in Kenya air crash.


    NAIROBI (June 10, 2012): Somalia’s Shebab militia welcomed the death of Kenya’s internal security minister George Saitoti in a helicopter crash outside Nairobi on Sunday, but did not make any claim of responsibility.

    “(Shebab) welcomes the death of the evil minister upon whose authorisation thousands of Muslims suffered both in Somalia and in Kenya,” the group said in a message on its Twitter account.

    Saitoti, 66, was a key figure in his country’s fight against the Al-Qaeda-affiliated Shebab insurgents in neighbouring Somalia who have been blamed for a series of terror attacks and kidnappings on Kenyan soil.

    Saitoti and five other people were killed as they were flying in a police helicopter to attend a religious ceremony in western Kenya when it crashed shortly after taking off from Nairobi’s Wilson airport on Sunday.

    The government has vowed a “thorough probe” into the cause of the crash.

    “For the hundreds of Muslims killed and displaced by Kenya’s brutal invasion, Saitoti’s death is but a droplet of justice in a sea of oppression,” Shebab tweeted.

    “The remaining invaders should be expectant that Allah will inflict his punishment by himself upon the kuffar (infidels) or
    by the hands of mujahideen,” the militia said. – AFP.