A security agreement signed by the governments of Saudi Arabia and Somalia in Riyadh.


The government of Somalia and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have signed a security agreement in Riyadh.

This agreement, which confirms the strengthening of relations between the two countries, was officially signed by representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Somalia and the Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia.

The agreement is focused on the development of security cooperation between Somalia and Saudi Arabia, dealing with important areas such as counter-terrorism, intelligence sharing and development.

It aims to strengthen the security framework of both countries, allowing for more ways to address security challenges in the region.

The ceremony to sign the agreement held in Riyadh was attended by senior officials from the two countries including the Minister of Foreign Affairs Abshir Omar Jama and the Minister of Interior of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Hines Abdulaziz bin Saud Al Saud.

The two Ministers pointed out the importance of this agreement.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Somalia emphasized that this agreement opens a new page for the relations between Somalia and Saudi Arabia.