large Blasts Strike In Afgoye Town

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    A Huge explosions were heard near Al Shabab Movement stronghold about 30 km (19 miles) from the capital Mogadishu on Sunday Night , As Eyey-Witness and Al Shabab officials Confirmed To

    The explosinon was targeted By Strategic Places In Afgoye Especially In Camps Of Al Shabab Such as Lanta Bore, Number 50 Airport And Othet Important Fields

    ” We Heard Huge Explosions as We Were Preparing To Sleep We Wake From It And Shocked It was Atleast Three Or Four explosion Said One Of The Residents In There”

    How Ever These Explosions Came As Kenyan Official Bledged To Use Air Srikex 10 Of Somali town Including afgoye


    Soamli News In