Members of Al-Shabaab in Kenya who have expressed concern about their faces being exposed.


The foreign fighters of the al-Shabaab group are complaining that they are facing injustice among the al-Shabaab, according to Kenya.

The latest video released by al-Shabaab, of a Kenyan citizen committing suicide, has sparked controversy.

Kenyans who are part of Al-Shabaab are concerned that their names and faces should be revealed, while they say that the faces of Somali fighters in the area should be hidden.

Kenyan intelligence agencies say that Kenyans who are part of Al Shabaab have expressed concern that exposing these people will endanger their lives, as they are easily targeting Kenyan security agencies.

This comes days after Al-Shabaab shot dead seven fighters, including a Kenyan, in a public place, after they were accused of being spies for the security agencies of the Kenyan government.

There are also complaints about Al Shabaab assigning foreign fighters to dangerous jobs such as suicide bombings.

The Kenyan government has said that there are signs that foreign fighters have largely left Al-Shabaab to save themselves.