The Puntland State Government Again Opposed to Amending the Constitution.


The Minister of Justice, Religious and Constitutional Affairs of the Puntland administration, Mohamed Abdiwahab, spoke strongly about the plan to amend the Constitution, which is being implemented by the Federal Government of Somalia.

Minister Mohamed Abdiwahab has verbally attacked the Minister of Interior of the Federal Government of Somalia Ahmed Macalin Fiqi and President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.

“Minister Fiqi, you and Hassan Sheikh and Hassan Maalin cannot change the constitution that is not finished for Somalia, and there is nowhere you can take it, stop playing, the KMG Constitution that defines the federal system and the system of government that the country adopted, which is parliamentary, with many parties, president. and the Prime Minister’s work began with the national charter that emerged from the Imbigaati Conference in 2003-2004 which was approved by 3000 Somali delegates. It was adopted in the Federal System,” said Puntland’s Minister of Justice, Religious Affairs and Constitution Mohamed Abdiwahab.

He also told Puntland’s Minister of Justice, Religious Affairs and Constitution, Mohamed Abdiwahab, that the Minister of Jurisprudence is required to free Al-Shabaab from the areas where it comes from, which the group has ruled for more than 15 years.

“O clerics in the area where you come from, where the Somali flag has not been raised for 15 years, run and free it from the Shabab, and deliver government services to the people, it is in our interest today,” said Minister Mohamed Abdiwahab.

The minister also pointed out that at this time it was necessary to change the Constitution, but what is needed is only to agree and complete the remaining provisions.

“To change the national agreement into a constitution, its work began in 2005, a National Committee (IFCC) was assigned, which prepared the constitution of the KMG, which came through social and political consultation in the years 2010 – 2012, and then it was approved in a Referendum. A total of 825 Somali delegates were taken from Mogadishu on 1st Aug, 2012. Thus, the constitution of the transitional government came into effect, and the country left the transitional government through extensive consultation and a political agreement, as instructed by articles 50 to 54 of the constitution of the transitional government. , its article 133, paragraphs 1 to 12 so that the country’s constitution is temporarily withdrawn and a public referendum is prepared,” said the Minister of Justice for Religious Affairs and the Constitution of Puntland.

The minister’s statement comes at the same time as there is growing opposition to the plan to amend the Constitution, which has been debated in the Federal Parliament of Somalia.