The Federal Government has spoken about a medical plane that was said to have brought it back from Hargeisa.


The Somali Civil Aviation Authority has spoken about the news that has been widely spread in the past few hours on the social media that the government of Somalia has turned back a plane that was going to the city of Hargeisa which was said to be an Air Ambulance medical aid.

This news that spread on social media was written by a businessman from Somaliland named Ismail Ahmed, who said that the government of Somalia has turned away a plane that was supposed to take his sick brother to Hargeisa.

“The government of Somalia denied permission to the Air Ambulance to transport my brother who had bleeding on his head and needed surgery in Addis Ababa. This small ambulance plane that used to come to Hargeisa deliberately stopped the agency. to come to Hargeisa knowing that there is an urgent medical situation. Now we have another effort to get Jigjiga to get off the plane and take her from there,” said businessman Ismail Ahmed.

The Somali Civil Aviation Authority, which is responding to the serious allegations made by the businessman, dismissed the existence of his accusations, and a statement issued by the agency announced that there was no medical aid plane that had sent a request to land at the airport. the country.

“The Somali Civil Aviation Authority confirms to Somali citizens that there is no Air Ambulance that has sent any request to land at the country’s airports. There is also no medical aid plane (Air Ambulance) that has been withdrawn from Somalia’s airspace,” said the statement issued by the Somali Aviation Authority.

The allegations made against the Somali Civil Aviation Authority come at the same time, as last month the agency turned away two unlicensed planes that wanted to land at the airport in Hargeisa.