The Ministry of Endowment and Religion has announced the amount for this year’s Hajj.


The Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs of the Federal Government of Somalia has revealed the price of the year 2024 that will be held by Somali pilgrims.

The Ministry said that a committee of experts in Somalia and Saudi Arabia has been appointed to evaluate the cost of the pilgrims for two months after it was agreed that the companies will charge Somali pilgrims a sum of 4,434 dollars this year.

“When the committee put together the costs of the Hajj service in Saudi Arabia and in our country after conducting a study that lasted for two months, it produced the price of this year’s holding of $4,434.648 cents,” said a press release from the Ministry of Endowment and Religious Affairs.

The price announced by the Ministry of Endowment and Religious Affairs is slightly lower than the price of Hajj last year, and it is worth noting that this price is still much higher than the price of Hajj from countries in the Horn of Africa, such as Djibouti, Kenya and Ethiopia.