Foreign ISIS officers arrested by Puntland police.


The command of the Puntland police force in the Bari region said that they have arrested two leaders of the Daesh organization.

A statement issued by the Police Command said that these leaders were arrested in an operation in Bohol area, one of the areas under Ufeyn district in Bari region.

The two foreign leaders arrested are Hassan Ibnu Mohamed Ibnu Hussein from Morocco and Mohamed Ibnu Mohamed Ahmed from Syria.

“In the last 6 months, the Puntland Police Force has captured various groups that belong to Daesh and Al-Shabaab after an operation in the Eastern region. The groups have spread to Morocco, Sudan, Syria, Ethiopia and South Somalia.” It was said in a statement issued by the command of the Bari Regional Police Department.

The capture of these two Daesh leaders comes as the security forces of the Puntland administration are fighting with most of the members of the Daesh and Al-Shabaab groups in the mountainous area of ​​the Bari region.