Killer the murderer of Sayid Ali who was arrested by the security forces.


A planned operation carried out jointly by the police, security and public defense forces arrested Sayid Ali Mo’alin Da’ud, the man who recently burned his pregnant wife in Mogadishu.

The operation that caught the man who burned his wife took place in Adeiley area where he was hiding in the man who burned his wife named Luul Sheikh Abdicasis.

The cooperating forces also arrested two other men who helped the accused to escape in a boat, who were arrested in Gawaan area of ​​Mudug region.

“Today, 05 Feb 2024, the accused Sayid-Ali Macalin Daoud and two accused who helped him evade justice were arrested.

The suspects, English Fanachey and Abdirisaaq Macalin Daoud Aluke,” said a statement issued by the Somali Police Command.

The statement issued by the Somali Police also mentioned that the people who were involved in the arrest of the suspect will be specially rewarded with the promised reward.

The action taken against this accused has already been widely welcomed by the Somali people who are very angry about the shocking act of this man who burned his pregnant wife. He said one of the intellectuals of the community where this man was born, Haji Suleiman.