7 people died in an attack in Beledhawo district of Gedo region.


There are more reports of an attack that killed people from the Oromo ethnic group that took place last night in Baled Hawo district of Gedo region.

The attack killed about 7 people, six of them Oromo and a Somali woman, and it was alleged that the attack was behind the Al-Shabaab group.

The mayor of Baled town, Hawa Abdirashid Abdi, who spoke to the media, said that members of Al-Shabaab carried out the attack, killing seven people.

“The people who were killed were killed by Al-Shabaab and they were four men and three women who are Somalis,” said the governor of Baled Hawa Abdirashid Abdi.

It was also reported that six other people, mostly children, were injured in the attack, and the security forces of the district reached the place where the people were killed and conducted an investigation that did not yield any results.

This attack comes at the same time as Somalia and Ethiopia are facing strong tension as a result of the maritime agreement between Ethiopia and Somaliland’s president in Addis Ababa, which the government of Somalia and many countries of the world strongly opposed.