The chairman is the Mayor of Mogadishu, Yusuf Hussein, who said that he is sponsoring the children whose mothers were burned.


The chairman of the Banadir regional administration, the mayor of Mogadishu, Yusuf Hussein Jimale Madale, visited the recently burned house of Luul Sheikh Abdicasis, a pregnant mother who was burned by her husband.

Governor Yusuf Madale, who was accompanied by members of the government, promised to sponsor the lives of the orphans who died after being brutally burned by her husband.

“We are commenting on these orphaned children who have become hope in life, how our children live and will live,” said the governor of Banadir Yusuf Hussein Jimale.

The governor of Banadir region also said that the accused who killed Siad Ali Macalin Daoud will be arrested and the government forces are conducting a search operation and will be brought before the justice.

“Anyone who has a conscience will not hide the fact that I have done a terrible thing to the man who started using gasoline on the girl who chose him from the people. Let the conscience work. Anyone who sees this man should report it to the army. They will search for him and he will be arrested and he will be brought before the law.” said Governor Madale.

Mogadishu and Qoryooley are still widely discussed about the tragic actions of two men who brutally killed their wives.