The dispute between Ethiopia and Somalia, which met Ilhan Omar’s verbal criticism.


Ilhan Omar, a member of the United States Congress, faced waves of verbal attacks, which resulted when she recently spoke about the maritime dispute between Somalia and Ethiopia.

Former American officials, including the former Barasaab of the state of Florida, the man named Ronald Dion DeSantis, demanded that Ilhan Omar be expelled from the United States.

DeSantis is from the Republican Party, where the country’s politics is wrestling with the Democratic Party, which Ilhan Omar is a member of.

Ilhan Omar’s previous statements in public were also translated and became part of the weapons used against her.

Ilhan Omar is one of the statements that says that the United States is doing “only what we say” as she said in the speech.

“Somalia is our home, Somalia lives in our hearts, we think about Somalia every day,” she said.

Her critics see these statements as showing that she is not loyal to the United States and instead is loyal to Somalia.

Tom Emmer is another politician in the US Parliament and the Majority Chairman of the US House of Representatives, said Ilhan’s statement is a slap in the face to the people of Minnesota who were elected to serve her, as well as her oath of office.