Breaking news: Ethiopian troops are reported to have crossed the border of the northwestern regions of Somalia.


The reports reaching us in the northern regions of Somalia are saying that Ethiopian troops have crossed the false border between the two countries. Sent.

The number of Somali forces is said to be up to 400 with 25 vehicles, which include weapons and trucks. The number of Ethiopians has not been disclosed, but the news adds that others are heading to Hargeisa, in advance. is a delegation to the land that is coming and is led by a man who is said to have been appointed as the Deputy Prime Minister of Ethiopia.

The news adds that the agreement reached between Muse Bihi and Abiy on Thursday, the first of February, was for a period of 30 days starting from the first of January in the year 2024.

On the other hand, the Chairman of the EGAD Regional Association, President Ismail Omar Geelle, has held a meeting again requested by Ethiopia, skipping the one that took place in Kampala in Uganda, while Mr. Ismael Omar Geelle initially refused to accept Ethiopia’s request. There is a financial burden that Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said he will move from Djibouti port if you don’t hold the deal.

Prime Minister Abiy wants to stand on the side of the President of Somalia Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and portray himself to lie to the world and say that we are finishing our work. There are about 80 km less than another country’s orders.

You will be pleased with these news and updates from our upcoming news, Insha Allah, and what comes out of the government of Somalia.