An agreement stating the desire of Ethiopia and Somaliland said that it is committed to its implementation.


Somaliland said that it is fully implementing the agreement it entered into with the Ethiopian government, and argued that it is in accordance with international regulations.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Somaliland D.R. Isse Kayd Mohamud, who held a press conference at the Somaliland Office in Ethiopia, told the Ethiopian media that the agreement between Somaliland and Ethiopia is one that will lead to prosperity for both parties.

“As a delegation, we have explained our views on the understanding that Somaliland and Ethiopia have shared, which is not only in accordance with international laws, but one that will lead to positive change for Somaliland and Ethiopia, when it comes to the economic, commercial and security aspects. “said the Minister of Storage.

The minister said that it is impossible to imagine the benefit that will be inherited from the mutual understanding between Somaliland and Ethiopia, so Somaliland is committed to implement it, saying that a committee of experts has been appointed.

Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi has recently appointed a committee of 8 members, led by Amb. Bashe Awil, who will work to change the understanding into a real agreement.

Despite the commitment of Somaliland and Ethiopia in the implementation of this agreement, this agreement is facing diplomatic pressures, most of the time international organizations and regional organizations such as the African Union have called to protect the unity of Somalia.

The Somali government has also strongly opposed the agreement, saying that Ethiopia wants to take part of Somalia’s territory, as President Hassan Sheikh said at the African Union meeting and other events.