The Somaliland administration has claimed that it has succeeded in controlling the airspace in the northern regions of Somalia.


The Somaliland administration said that it has achieved success in managing its airspace, and that it has provided services to a large number of aircraft.

The Somaliland Aviation and Airport Authority has accused the Somali government of spreading false information that Somaliland has disrupted the airspace, but instead Somaliland is managing the airspace efficiently.

Somaliland has described the Somaliland Aviation Authority as one that does not know the rules and regulations of the airspace and said that it was behind the murder of Abdinasir Muse Dahable, and blames his murder on his innocent friends.

The Somali government accused Somaliland of disrupting the airspace and said it will take new measures if Somaliland refrains from doing so.

The air dispute between Somaliland and Somalia erupted after the Somali government turned back planes heading to Hargeisa last month.