WATCH: The family of the late A/nasir Musa accuses the Nisa organization of being behind his murder.


The family of Abdinasir Muse Dahable, who was an employee of the Somali Air Authority who was killed yesterday in Mogadishu, blamed the NISA Intelligence Agency for his murder.

Lawyer Fahad, one of Dahable’s relatives, said that before he died, Dahable told his father and wife that they wanted to kill him and that NISA was after him, saying that if he died, NISA would kill him.

“In the last 48 hours, he told us that there was a threat from the Somali National Security Agency (NISA), which was threatening to kill him. He was suspected to be the person providing the air conditioner. The doctor told us that was killed,” said Fahad.

On the other hand, the father of Dahable, requested that his son’s body be brought to Hargeisa for burial, and he also requested that a fair investigation be conducted on his murder.

Dahable’s family also said that 6 other youths who were working with Dahable were arrested, 5 of them are from Somaliland. The government of Somaliland also said that the killing of Dahable was planned.

The Somali police said that they have 6 suspects arrested for the murder of Dahable, and that they are investigating his case.