Ali Jeyte Osman, the leader of the local forces, sent messages to the people in the areas where Al-Shabaab is present.


The general leader of the People’s Defense Forces, known as Mawisleyda Ali Jeyte Osman and the president of the Hiran State administration, has sent a strong message to the Somali people living in the areas controlled by the Al-Shabaab group.

Ali Jeyte Osman, the deputy of the Somali president’s office for the affairs of the public defense force, said that all kinds of attacks will be carried out in the areas where Al-Shabaab is located, and it is necessary for people to leave the areas where Al-Shabaab is located. Shabaab.

“Anyone who lives where Al-Shabaab is, I will treat them like Al-Shabaab. You can’t say that I was bombed, there is no one to listen to me, stay away from them and protect them, we are not separated from Al-Shabaab and the rest of the world,” he said. The leader of the Macawislei army, Ali Jeyte.

He also sent a special warning to the people who live between Baledweyne and Buulaburte in the Hiran region and said that most of them still take orders from the Al-Shabaab group.

“I am warning you, if you want to fight, stay away from those men, and I swear to you that the man who is with Shabaab will not be spared, he is one of them. I will summarize Shabaab’s news by saying that they have already put on their shoes and pants, and I am following Feynuus. “said the deputy of the president’s office for the affairs of the public defense force, known as the Somalia delegation, Ali Jeyte Osman.

The statement made by Ali Jeyte Osman comes at the same time that the operations against Al-Shabaab in most regions of the country have slowed down in recent times.