The SODMA Disaster Management Agency received a financial grant from the Chinese Embassy.


The SODMA Disaster Management Agency has received a grant of $139,318.45 from the Chinese Embassy in Somalia, which is to support the delivery of emergency aid to those affected by the flood.

Mahamud Moallim Abdulle, Chairman of SoDMA, praised the Chinese government for the financial donation they received, stressing the importance of the long-term relationship between the two countries.

The governor also asked the international governments to reach out to the Somali people who have been affected by floods and conflicts for a long time.

Fei Shengchao, the Chinese Ambassador to Somalia, said that the support given to the flood victims in Somalia shows Beijing’s commitment to strengthening cooperation with Somalia.

The ambassador said that the Chinese government is always standing by the Somali people who are in this difficult situation, saying that aid and assistance will start soon, and it will also participate in the construction of infrastructures that were destroyed by the rains and the construction of dams.

This donation came as the United Nations warned of the danger that floods and floods can cause to people living in the areas that have been most affected by the autumn rains.