Bridges damaged by floods in Gedo region Prime Minister Hamze said they will be rebuilt soon.


The Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia, Hamse Abdi Barre, today went to Dolow district in Gedo region to inspect the humanitarian situation caused by the floods in that district and its surroundings.

The prime minister and his delegation were welcomed at the Dolow district airport by the first vice president of the Jubbaland administration, other officials of the administration and various sections of the people of the district.

Hamse Abdi Barre will hold various meetings in the city with Jubbaland administration officials and different sections of the community in Dolow district where he will listen to the effects of the floods and the parallel floods.

“We will make other trips to other cities in Gedo region. The Somali government is building the bridges in Bardhere, Burdhubo and Luuq as soon as possible to restore security, life and community traffic,” said Prime Minister Hamse.

Prime Minister Hamse has seen some of the problems caused by the floods and floods in Dolow district, and he promised that the government will deal with the situation caused by the floods and floods that have affected the people.