In the west of Harardhere District in Mudug Region, Eagle forces killed an officer and members of Al-Shabaab.


The Somali forces, especially the Eagle commandos, have carried out planned operations in areas located on the western side of Harardhere district in Mudug region, killing members of the Al Shabaab group.

Eagle forces killed three members of the Al-Shabaab organization and the leading officer in a village called Haji, as told by the commander of the third organization in Gorgor, Dhame Ali Cageey.

Commander Ali Cagey also said that the forces launched the operation with weapons and military equipment with the officer and the three members who were killed, but the name of the officer who was killed in the operation was not disclosed.

This operation by the Eagle army that killed these Al-Shabaab members is coming, while the operations against the Al-Shabaab group are still going on in Mudug and Galgaduud regions of Galmudug administration.