Peace Efforts in the City of Garowe, the Capital of Puntland and the Current Situation.


Efforts are being made to prevent violence in Garowe town, when many people fled the town last night and yesterday.

newsinide Today, SSC-Khatumo cultural leaders are approaching the city, who are coming to participate in peace efforts.

President Deni and the armed opposition are in a difficult position, which if no solution is found, may result in violence.

On the other hand, this morning the session of the Puntland parliament that was supposed to be debated on the amended electoral code was called off.

In a statement from the parliamentary committee, the MPs were informed that the parliamentary session has been postponed for three days. It was canceled due to the conflict in the city of Garowe.

It is worth noting that there are no armed forces fighting each other, except for the forces loyal to the opposition who came out of their bases and landed in some parts of the city.

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