President Said Deni who said that he is ready to talk to the opposition.


The President of Puntland Said Abdullahi Deni said for the first time that he is ready to go to court with the opposition politicians who are against the election of people and votes.

President Deni said that he is not ready to let the difference of opinion in the election cause bloodshed, and instead he said that he welcomes the negotiation table.

He said that if he is defeated, he is ready to comply. President Deni also said he pardoned Gen. Jimaale, the former commander of the Danab army, who once fought in the city of Garowe, last June.

“As for the military, I am calling on the government to grant amnesty to General Jimaale. I am also calling on the politicians of the current government who have different views to sit down with us and I am ready for anything legal and rational. We have to talk to him.” President Deni said.

Although President Deni said that he is ready for dialogue, he made it clear that he will not negotiate on the election of a person or a vote.

On the other hand, some of the opposition politicians described President Deni’s statement as misleading and said that he is deflecting the accusations and the pressure from the international community.