A strong fire broke out in the market of Hamarweyne District which caused property damage.


There are more reports of a heavy fire that caused a lot of damage last night in the Hamarweyne market, especially in the Marwas Mosque section, which later spread to other parts of the Dahablaha market and the meat market.

The fire, which took many hours to extinguish, was later managed to be extinguished by the administration of Banadir region, the local people and the Hormuud Communications Company.

The fire has burnt down a lot of businesses and has caused an undisclosed amount of property damage.

One of the businessmen whose shop was destroyed by fire last night, named Bukhari, the owner of Carwa Xul Style, said that he lost about 50 thousand dollars in the fire.

“Most people know Xul Style. We used to sell all kinds of women’s clothes. Not one item was sold in the store. The money in this case is about 40 thousand dollars,” said the owner of Xul Style Fair.

The Governor of Banadir Yusuf Huseem Jim’ale Madale who arrived at the scene said that a committee will be assigned to deal with the problem caused by the fire, and he condoled with the businessmen who lost their property in the fire that broke out in the Hamarweyne market last night.

“After a long effort, we managed to put out the fire. We are very grateful to the security agencies who participated tirelessly, and we also thank Hormoud who took her part and as soon as she arrived. sent firefighters,” said the governor of Banadir region, Yusuf Madale.

It is not yet known officially what caused the fire that broke out in the Hamarweyne market last night, and it is worth noting that most of the big markets in Mogadishu are on fire at night, which causes huge losses.