The SODMA disaster relief agency said that the damage caused by the floods has increased.


There has been an increase in the loss of life and property as a result of the parallel floods that have hit some regions of the country.

The chairman of the Somali National Disaster Management and Disaster Management Agency, SODMA, Mohamud Macalin Abdulle, said that the number of people who died in the floods and floods of the Shabelle and Juba rivers has reached 50 people.

He also said that the people who have been displaced by the combined floods and floods are about seven hundred thousand people, with a total impact of approximately one point four million 1.4M people.

“I am calling on all the Somali people to help each other, to avoid relying on foreign aid,” said SODMA chairman Mohamud Macalin Abdulle.

Finally, the chairman of SODMA warned the Somali people who live in the areas of rivers and flood areas that the current danger in the country may increase, and they need to be more careful.