Areas isolated from the flood of the river in Beledweyne are of concern.


In the past 24 hours, the water level of the Shabelle river has increased, which flooded all the neighborhoods of Baledweyne at the beginning of this week.

The increase in the water level of the Shabelle River has come after heavy rains fell in the areas north of Baledweyne in the past few hours, and the wadis were filled with the floods caused by the rains in the Shabelle River.

Several valleys in the areas of Elgal, Qowlad, Ilkacade and Ferfeer have poured a lot of water into the Shabelle River.

The rains caused by the floods are coming, with many hopes that the water in the Shabelle River will be relieved in the next few hours, but this will remove the heavy rains that are still falling in Ethiopia’s local government and the areas under Baledweyne.

The rains that are still falling are increasing the fear and anxiety of the people who are trapped in Baladweyne, the capital of Hiran region.

The Baledweyne flood that hit on the 12th of this month has confirmed the death of 8 people.