The emergency rains and floods in Somalia said that it was not enough on its own.


The Deputy Prime Minister of Somalia, Salah Ahmed Jama, chaired the meeting of the National Committee for the relief of people affected by the floods caused by the autumn rains in the country.

The Deputy Prime Minister, said the importance of unifying the ongoing relief efforts, saying that the Government is working hard to help the people affected by the rains.

The committee, which includes the Council of Ministers, SoDMA, civil society and scholars, has agreed to hold a general meeting to share with the Somali community the extent of the suffering caused by the rains.

The Deputy Prime Minister, called on the Somali people who live near the rivers to be careful, as the forecast indicates that more rains are expected.

On the other hand, the Minister of State for Health of the Somali government, Maryan Mohamed Duuliye, who is part of this committee, said that most of the problems are in the areas of Jubbaland and South West.

She said that except for boats, no other vehicle can enter the areas affected by the floods.

The minister of state said that the government alone is not enough to deal with the disaster caused by the floods in the country, and called on the people to take their role in the rescue.