A step that can disturb the Puntland opposition and the Parliament is taking it again.


Puntland’s parliament is set to pass the electoral reform law on Monday next week, November 20, which was issued by the electoral commission.

Yesterday, this law was submitted to the parliament, which states that the election will be held at the end of February, and will be held in a way that the president and the parliament will be elected by the people of Puntland.

The council of candidates has already warned the parliament to take action that could lead to security instability again, saying that they will be held accountable for working for Deni’s political ambitions, according to them.

On the 20th of June this year, more than 30 people died in the city of Garowe, after a crisis caused by a decision passed by the parliament to open the constitution and change some provisions.

The opposition is now again warning that the parliament will take another step that could cloud the election on January 8, 2024.