The Shabelle River flooded in Beledweyne District, killing 10 people.


The number of people who died in the floods caused by the Shabelle River in the suburbs of Baledweyne, the capital of Hiraan region, is increasing.

About 8 people have been confirmed to have died in the flooding of the Shabelle River in Baladweyne town in the last 24 hours, according to the Baledweyne district administration.

The administration of Baledweyne district also said that the flood has caused massive property damage and the strongest displacement in the past few years.

The mayor of Baledweyne district, Nadar Tabax, said that the charity organizations were slow in dealing with the situation caused by the flood, which included the people who lived in the neighborhoods of Baledweyne, most of them were displaced to Eel Jaalle.

Mrs. Nadar also demanded that immediate assistance be provided to the people of Baledweyne who were greatly affected by the floods.

However, it is worth noting that Baledweyne neighborhoods are still surrounded by many families who have gathered on the steep lands in Baledweyne neighborhoods, as the river water is getting stronger hour by hour.