Leaders of the Puntland opposition released a different election schedule than previously announced.


The Puntland opposition umbrella has released the schedule for the parliamentary and presidential elections today, saying that they will follow the decision of the Elder’s council meeting.

In a press release issued by the opposition, they said that the election was designed according to the tribal system that used to be used in the election, which starts with the election of the parliament.

The opposition said that their decision is to prevent President Deni’s desire to create an illegal extension period.

They pointed out that on the 15th of this month, public consultations will begin to raise awareness about the selection of Puntland MPs.

This action taken by the opposition, could be one that increases the current political conflict on the issues of the Puntland administration election.

It was recently when the Puntland election committee announced the election schedule of people and votes, saying that the president and the parliament will be elected by the people at the same time.

The election is scheduled for February 25 next year.

President Deni said he is committed to implementing the election schedule.