Areas in the Lower Shabelle region that are flooded by the Shabelle River.


The Shabelle River has recently flooded areas and districts in the Lower Shabelle region.

The river is in the areas and districts of Afgooye, Awdheegle, Jannaale, Bula Mareer and Golweyn in the Lower Shabelle region, where hundreds of families, mostly farmers, have been displaced.

Pictures taken there of the flood that hit the Shabelle River in these areas of the lower Shabelle showed the extent of the water and its effects.

The flood in these areas caused by the river is due to the channels that convey the water from the river to the fields and make it easier for the river water to go out.

The water that flooded Buulo Mareer and Golweyn also cut a lot of crops in the fields in those areas.

The Shabelle river has also flooded all the suburbs of Baledweyne town in the capital of Hiran region at the beginning of this week, causing losses including death, displacement and property damage.