Militants recently fought in the Sanaag region of Somaliland and the army was increased


The government of Somaliland has announced that it is recruiting its military forces for the recent fighting in El-Afwayn district of Sanaag region.

After an agreement was reached in the recent fighting between the communities in El-Afwayn district, it was announced that the forces of the fighting communities will be included in the military, as the army officials announced at the meeting.

“Starting today we are making time for it. Both sides want their army as it is. Before we are forced to chase something, it will be part of Somaliland’s security forces,” one of the officials said.

They said that the nationalization of the fighting forces is part of the peace oath sworn by the elders of both sides, who promised peace and reconciliation.

The governor of Sanaag region, Ahmed Abdi Muse, who is also present at the scene, emphasized that the armed forces of the warring communities should be included in the military.

“We agreed with the two forces that are facing each other, which are now carrying guns, that they and their equipment should be nationalized,” said Governor Ahmed.

The conflict between the El-Afwayn community has become unmanageable, as every time the parties reach an agreement, they start shooting each other.