The former Director of Warta-Nabada’s Taxes has been ordered to be arrested by the Court.


The Banadir Regional Court has issued an arrest warrant for the former director of Eastern Taxes in the Warta Paifa district of the Ministry of Finance of Somalia, Abdulkadir Mohamud Ibrahim.

Abdulqadir Mohamud Ibrahim, who is currently missing, was accused of corruption, misappropriation of public funds, and false documents, while these crimes are said to have taken place at the East tax center in Warta Nabadda district.

The court, which is implementing a case presented by the national prosecution, has set a period of 30 days starting from 11 November 2023 to 10 December 2023 for him to appear before the court.

The court said that if he does not comply with the court’s order, legal action will be taken.

This move comes as part of the government’s anti-corruption campaign, with the arrest and trial of many government officials.

Yesterday, the court started hearing officials convicted of corruption, who appealed.

There are still several people, including Muhiyedin Sabay, the former director of the Eastern Tax Department, Abdul Qadir Ilmi Ali, the former director of the Immigration Agency, Mohamed Adan Jimale, who have been accused of the same.