neighborhoods in the city of Beledweyne that were flooded by the Shabelle River and displaced people.


The Shabelle River, which runs through Baledweyne townships, has begun to overflow its banks in some Baledweyne townships.

Some parts of Koshin and Hawa Taako neighborhoods were flooded by the river this afternoon, especially the branches of Raderka, Kutiimbo, Kangjibis and Shaah Sweet.

In the neighborhoods where the Shabelle river flooded today, there has been a strong displacement in the past few days by the people living in those neighborhoods, who were afraid of the flooding that the river has done today.

There is also a strong fear that the river will flood parts of Bundaweyn and Howlwadaag neighborhoods in the coming hours.

The flood that has just started in the river is coming, as most of the people living in the neighborhoods of Baledweyne have been displaced from their homes in the past few days, most of them have been displaced to Eeljale neighborhood where the Baledweyne airport is located.