The Federal Government of Somalia has announced that it is preparing 40,000 troops to liberate the country.


The spokesperson of the Somali Police Force, Sadiq Aden Ali Doodishe, gave more details about the meeting that ended in Mogadishu between the Somali Police Officers and the regional authorities of the country.

The meeting, which has been going on for the past three days in Mogadishu, between the senior leadership of the Somali Police Force and those of the regional governments, was a discussion on the general security of the country, and the number of ATMIS troops who would take over the security was discussed.

The spokesperson of the Somali Police announced that the federal government of Somalia is preparing 40 thousand police forces that will take over security from ATMIS when they leave the country in the coming years in December 2024.

“The government is preparing a police force of 40,000 soldiers who will be distributed centrally, 20,000 will come from the central government, while 20,000 will be distributed to the regional governments of the country, which ATMIS will take over the security of the country,” he said. said Police Spokesman Sadiq Doodishe.

The preparation of these forces coincides with the federal government and the local people fighting for the second year in a row to liberate the country from the Al-Shabaab group, and it is worth noting that the group has been driven out of many areas and districts in central and southern Somalia.